Restaurants POS

POS System is designed for use in any and all restaurant concepts.

With PixelPoint POS System, managing your operations is even easier.

  • Prevents thefts, reduce food wastage,and control you cash.
  • Mobile and online ordering with call center integration .
  • Advanced cost management and Inventory management.
  • Mobile live reporting .

From Table Service to Quick Service. PixelPoint POS adapts to your business needs.

PAR PixelPoint POS System in UAE is designed for use in any and all restaurant and entertainment concepts.

It is configurable to meet your your specific environment requirements, rather than forcing you to change your current processes.

PixelPoint POS is available in UAE as a perpetual license or subscription option by Cyber Pixel.

With PixelPoint POS, managing your operations is even easier with more choices and advanced capabilities to better run your business.

pos system hardware

Cyber Pixel propelled into the industry with a desire to deliver innovative solutions that optimize the guest experience. We now with almost a decade into the industry have increased our portfolio by becoming leaders in implementing POS System in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

  • Prevent employee theft
  • Prevent employee mistakes
  • Prevent food waste
  • Security built into all FOH operations
  • Inventory
  • Labor
  • Scheduling with forecast
  • PCI & PA-DSS
  • Extensive fiscal compliance for cities, states, provinces, countries
  • Regional labor laws
  • Installed in over 50 countries
  • Tax inclusive, VAT, GST, HST, Junk Food Tax
  • Schedule and email reports and exports
  • Available from both FOH & BOH
  • Built in free gift card program
  • Built in free member program
  • Built in on-account program
  • Store specific or enterprise wide
  • Support for scanning, swiping, manual entry

• Over 200 integrations globally
• Mobile/Online Ordering
• Call Centers
• Mobile Loyalty
• Business Intelligence
• Reservations
• Kitchen Display Systems
• Liquor Dispensing
• Hotel Property Management System
• And many more

  • Bends to your operational needs
  • Match to your brand
  • Fully configurable order page
  • Fully configurable receipts
  • Fully configurable kitchen tickets and routing
  • Customer facing Order Confirmation
  • Reduce training costs when migrating from other POS
  • Customer facing order confirmation
  • Employee contests
  • Employee bulletins
  • Auto combo
  • Forced questions
  • Reservations
  • And much more